Who we are


We’re a group of friends with one thing in common: A love for Vespas.

It’s the enthusiasm of Vespa lovers that makes this community thrive. Whether yours is brand-new, or a beautiful classic restoration; if it has a slick paint scheme, or bog standard from the factory, we’d like you to ride with us.

A bit of history

The Club started off back in 2016 when Joseph Naudi started to meet a couple of friends for rides. He was later joined by Ken Galea, Luke Vella Clark, Diana Cilia and Caroline Galea. Since then Vespa Club Malta has organised rides, rallies to Gozo and Sicily and even charity events. The club obtained official incorporation in 2023.

Meet the Team

This is our committee. The people making sure everything keeps ticking.

Sergio Camilleri


Luke Vella Clark


Diana Cilia


Caroline Galea

Membership Coordinator

Gabriel Bajada

Design & Marketing

Wayne Galea

Event/Ride Organiser

Alan Camilleri

Rides Assistant

Committee member photos were taken by the talented Tonio Lombardi.

Mission Statement

The aim of Vespa Club Malta shall be as a point of contact for those who own or are in love with the Vespa; be it classic, modern, 2 or 4-stroke. The club’s intention would also be to plan various rides amongst other Vespa enthusiasts around the Maltese islands. Throughout the year the club organises official rides, meetings, charity events, games, and night rides.

The Organisation shall have the following objectives:

  1. To provide support and information on Vespas;
  2. To educate the members on how to ride a motorcycle in a group and to respect other drivers on the road;
  3. To seek and promote, on a national level, the participation of the Organisation;
  4. To raise public and political awareness on driving education and safety roads;
  5. To promote and present the interests of the Organisation’s members to the notice of local administration and authorities, international Organisations and other authorities;
  6. To raise funds by means of subscription of members or otherwise for all the purposes and objectives of the Organisation in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorised by the Executive Committee;
  7. To form part of any national/international Organisation/s whose aims are similar to that of the Organisation.