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Wait a second! Why would my company sponsor Vespa Club Malta?

Sponsoring Vespa Club Malta can provide numerous benefits for companies, ranging from increased brand exposure to targeted marketing opportunities. With a passionate community of Vespa owners and enthusiasts, our club organises events, rides, and gatherings that attract a dedicated following. Here are a few reasons why your company can benefit from sponsoring us.

Brand Exposure

By sponsoring Vespa Club Malta, companies can gain significant brand exposure. Vespa Club Malta organizes various events, rides, and gatherings, attracting a dedicated community of Vespa enthusiasts. Sponsors can leverage this exposure to increase brand visibility among a passionate target audience.

Targeted Marketing

Sponsoring Vespa Club Malta allows companies to reach a specific demographic—Vespa owners and enthusiasts. This targeted marketing approach ensures that the brand message reaches a highly engaged audience, increasing the likelihood of generating leads and driving sales.

Community Engagement

Supporting Vespa Club Malta demonstrates a company’s commitment to engaging with local communities and fostering a sense of belonging. This can enhance the brand’s reputation, build customer loyalty, and establish long-term relationships with community members.

Partnership Opportunities

Sponsoring Vespa Club Malta opens doors to potential partnership opportunities. Companies can collaborate with the club on exclusive events, co-branded merchandise, or product launches, leading to mutually beneficial marketing initiatives and expanded customer reach.

Social Responsibility

Sponsoring a community-based organization like Vespa Club Malta aligns with corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. It showcases your company’s dedication to supporting local initiatives and contributing to the betterment of society.

Discover the incredible sponsorship opportunities and find the ideal tier that perfectly matches your company’s vision. Whether you opt for the Bronze, Silver, or Gold tier, you’ll unlock amazing benefits like boosting your brand, connecting with our vibrant community, and making a significant impact. Join us today!

Silver Sponsor

  • Small logo linking to your website in the footer of every page of our website
  • Web banner displayed in website sidebars

Gold Sponsor

  • Large logo linking to your website in the footer of every page of our website
  • Web banner displayed in website sidebars
  • Logo included as the second image in post-ride social media posts
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Bronze Sponsor

  • Small logo linking to your website in the footer of every page of our website


Advertising with web banners on our website provides a cost-effective opportunity to reach a passionate and engaged audience of scooter enthusiasts. Web banners offer affordability, wide reach, and performance tracking, making it an ideal choice for businesses in the scooter industry.

Web Banners

  • Web banner displayed in website sidebars

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