Vespiamoci! Sicily 2023: Our Unforgettable Sicilian Vespa Adventure

Vespa Club Malta is thrilled to share our unforgettable journey to Sicily, from the 13 to the 16 of May, aptly named Vespiamoci! Sicily 2023. This remarkable 870km trip brought together passionate Vespa enthusiasts, creating cherished memories and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Despite the challenges posed by the rainy weather, our spirit of adventure remained undeterred throughout the entire expedition.
Video: Michelle Grech & Sara Hazzard

Participating in Vespa Club Marsala’s Rally

The first day of our trip coincided with the highly anticipated Vespa Explora Sicily 2023 rally organized by Vespa Club Marsala. It was a momentous occasion as we joined forces with fellow riders from different corners of the globe, all sharing a profound love for these iconic scooters. Together, we embarked on an exploratory adventure, traversing Sicily’s captivating landscapes, uncovering hidden gems, and forging lasting connections along the way.

Challenged by Rainy Weather

As members of Vespa Club Malta, we were prepared to face any obstacle that came our way. Despite the persistent rainy weather, we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, adapting our plans and ensuring the safety of every rider. Rain-soaked roads and misty vistas only added to the allure of the journey, as we navigated through the breathtaking scenery, cherishing every moment and creating lifelong memories.

Exploring the Enchanting Sicilian Landscape

Despite the weather conditions, our participants had the opportunity to explore the mesmerizing landscapes and historical treasures that Sicily has to offer. From the stunning coastal views to the charming narrow streets of historic towns, we revelled in the blend of natural beauty and cultural richness that Sicily showcased. Each twist and turn of the journey deepened our appreciation for the island’s diverse splendour.

Vespiamoci! Sicily 2023 was an extraordinary adventure that tested our resilience and showcased the indomitable spirit of our club. Despite the challenges, our bond of camaraderie grew stronger as we navigated the captivating Sicilian landscape together. This trip was a testament to our unwavering determination to create unforgettable memories and foster lifelong friendships. As our rain-soaked tires rolled across the Sicilian roads, we left behind a trail of adventure, unity, and our shared love for our Vespas. Vespa Club Malta’s committee eagerly anticipates our next thrilling journey, where we will continue to create cherished memories and experience the true essence of Vespa camaraderie.

Our only regret is that our President, Sergio Camilleri, was unable to join us due to personal reasons. Sergio’s leadership, passion, and unwavering dedication to this rally, and Vespa Club Malta as a whole have been invaluable, and his absence was felt throughout the trip. We missed his charismatic presence and the energy he brings to our community.

On behalf of the Vespa Club Malta committee, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Michelle Grech for planning and leading all our rides, Therese Farrugia, Adrian Galea, and Tonio Lombardi who with their individual contributions, helped make Vespiamoci! Sicily 2023 a resounding success. Last but certainly not least… we can’t write an article about this trip without mentioning our youngest Vespista, Markus. What a champion!

Official photos were taken by Tonio Lombardi.

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